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All my gear is for sale!

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1 kevinbreaux36   2003-09-13 11:53

Hello everyone,
                 My name is Kevin Breaux and the time has come for me to switch sports, (no my wife did not make me) after 20 years of jumping it is time. I am selling all of my gear (everything.) I have it all listed below but I will not post pictures just yet, because there are to many, if you are interested in any item, send me an e-mail and I will send you a picture of every item or an individual picture of the item that has your interest. A little about myself. I started skydiving in 1983, spent 11 years on the U.S.A.P.T. (Golden Knights) 1 yr. on the Gold Demo team, 1 yr. on the Black demo team and the remainder years was spent on the Style & Accuracy competition team. I then moved to West Point NY. Where I was an Instructor/Coach for the West Point Military Academy Cadet Parachute Team, after 4 yrs. of teaching, I moved to Texas where I am now retired. I am a certified senior rigger, AAF instructor, Static line Instructor, Tandem Master with 5,343 freefall jumps (all them jumps and 75cents will get me a cup of coffee.) I have a complete set of USA Team gear the main, container (cypress ready) and reserve, along with frap hat, gear bag and style suit I can sell as one item if anyone wishes. I also have another container that is student ready with a FXC and ZP Sabre main, but no reserve and I will sell this as a package. The gear below has been cared for and is in very good condition. I wish everyone the best and Blue Skies!
All gear here fits a 58 to 510 individual at 170 to 200 lb
My e-mail is kevinbreaux36@hotmail.com
Send me an e-mail and I will send you my phone number

1. Reserve, 7 cell Swift Plus R-6, Para-Flite (200)lbs max, very good condition, used one time, low speed canopy transfer, deployment

Ser# R-6 3233

DOM AUG 90 TSO-C23c, Category B Light Blue

Price: $ 700.00

2. Container, Talon Classic (USA Team Rig) Red, White, Blue with USA on main flap vertically. Manufacturer / Rigging Innovations

Ser# 3737 Used at world meet in Style and Accuracy

DOM JULY 90 Cypres Ready

Price: $ 1,500.00

3. Main Parachute, Parafoil 282 (USA Team Rig) Accurized risers, Toggle extensions, Flag ready, flag bag will accept 5 X 9 or 3 X 5 flag, detachable flag bag, hard toggles, D-ring slider with Velcro pocket for stowage of 3 slider extension.

Ser# 57222

DOM JULY 90 Very Good condition 350 Jumps (110) Style

250 lbs. max (240) Accuracy
Stabilizers Blue, Blue, Blue, Red, White with USA in blue, Red, Blue, Blue, Stabilizers Blue
Ribs white, foil extensions white


Price: $ 1,400.00

4. Container, Centaurus, I used a Raven III or a Raven II as a reserve for newer jumpers. It is set up for AAF, Static Line capable, Reserve Static Line on main risers, Ripcord Capable, Pilot Chute Capable, FXC ready

Ser# 3864

DOM May 91

Price: $ 1,100.00

5. FXC automatic opening device, Model 12,000 P/N 811-00042 ( Revision J )

Lot no. 111-8215

Ser# 9675

DOM Nov 86 Category- 2-93

Price: $ 250.00

6. Main Parachute, Sabre (253) Zero-P main 278lbs Max

Ser# LS35301589

DOM April 91 Very Good Condition with collapsible pilot chute

The parachute is all, gold with the 3rd and 5th cells Black, it is the U.S. Army (Golden Knights) Color pattern

Price: $ 1,100.00

7. Accuracy Shoes, 2 pair, used, good condition

Heels configured at 3 centimeters, size 9 both, 1st pair Lt Grn. Acsics gel, 2nd pair Dark. Grn. Duellist, Used only for Style and Accuracy.

Price: $ 15.00 for each

8. Factory Diver helmet, K-120 small chip next to right cheek on exterior

3 face screens, 2 dark 1 clear, 1 used condition, 2 are not.

Price: $ 150.00

9. Altimaster Altitmeter, 2 each

Price: $ 100.00 for each

10. Frap Hats 4 total

Price: $ 20.00- Black with ARMY written on both sides, Medium, very used condition

Price: $ 50.00- Black with ARMY written on both sides, Medium, good condition

Price: $ 75.00- Dark blue USA team frap, USA one right side, my name KEVIN on left side, very good

Price: $ 90.00- Black with ARMY written on both sides, XL, never used, New

11. Dytter altitude warning device, Larsen & Brusgaard Aps. Very Good condition

Price: $ 100.00

12. Hard Goggles, for use with factory diver, no scratches, new, never used.

Price: $ 30.00

13. Jump Suits, 7 total

Price: $ 60.00-Flite Suit, Dark blue and gray, used as camera suit

Price: $ 10.00-Dbl. XX suit, White, old, used as camera suit, needs sewing on L/R calf ( 12 )

Price: $ 75.00-Bev Suit, RW w/ booties, Blk./Silver arms, silver grips

Price: $ 75.00-Bev Suit, RW Blk/Gold, silver spandex back

Price: $ 75.00-RW suit, tight fitting spandex, reverse grips, spandex back

Price: $ 100.00-Bev Style Suit, tight fitting, Blk. Front F-11, back spandex, arms spandex

Price: $ 100.00-Style Suit USA Team suit, Blue, front F-11, Back spandex blue, arms front cotton, arms back spandex blue, legs front cotton, legs back spandex blue

Price: $ 50.00-Cotton Double zipper, large, gold

Price: $ 50.00-Cotton Double zipper, Large, black

14. Body Glove Wet Suit, used as an under garment for extreme cold weather jumps. Hole in suit, placed strategically for male users to relieve the pressure with out taking the suit completely off . Full length arms and legs

Price: $ 50.00

15. Reserve Free Bag, blue and white, DOM AUG 90 Price: $ 20.00

16. Bungee Kill Line Pilot chute, grey Price: $ 20.00

17. Kill Line pilot chute, Gold Price: $ 20.00

18. Pilot chute, White Price: $ 20.00

19. B-17 flotation Device Price: $ 20.00

20. Split Slider, black 24 X 22 Price: $ 20.00

21. Split Slider, White 24 X 21 Price: $ 20.00

22. Smoke Bracket Bag, 13 X 13 Price: $ 15.00

23. Drag Mat, 20 x 26 Price: $ 5.00

24.Accuracy Practice Pad, scaled for a 15 centimeter electronic pad, 2 sides, one side black other side light blue. Price: $ 10.00

25. Main Risers, USA team riser, 22 made for parafoils 282 and 252 Price: $ 15.00

26. Main bag, 13 X 6 Price: $ 10.00

27. Blue USA Team Kit bag, Large kit bag, outside zipper inop Price: $ 30.00

28. Black USAPT kit bag, Large kit bag, outside zipper inop Price: $ 30.00

29. Plain Black kit bag, only a single bag no compartments Price: $ 15.00

30. Military Spec Kit bag green, very large bag Price: $ 15.00

USA Team Rig and equipment, main 282 parafoil, classic container, Swift Plus reserve 200, USA frap hat, USA style suit, and USA gear bag .
This is my gear and there has been only one owner. Price: $ 3,500.00

2 bomsterling   2004-05-12 15:51

I wish I could buy the stuff you have for sale but it all seems to be alot of money. Not just your stuff but sky diving equipment in general. How would I go about paying for my addiction? Are there programs out there that I could get in to help pay for the sport of sky diving?

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